Vending Machines

※ Can / Bottle Vending Machines
 We sell used vending machines for overseas customers.
 Type of product status

I can install the vending machines in Japan to your country.
Can vending machine, Cigarette vending machine, Cup coffee vending machines, foodvending machines, goods vendingmachine,ticket vending machines
It is also available in the used vending machine.
It is possible to use the coin & bill of overseas countries.

@Can vending machine   

     Available to fix specification and standard
     It can use your country's coin and bills.
Handling machines manufacture
Fuji Electric, Sanden, Panasonic, Kubota,
Products selections
20 Selections W888*D640*H1830
25 Selections W999*D640*H1830
30 Selections W999*D740*H1830
36 Selections W1159*D740*H1830

Another Vendingmachine
( new & used vendingmachine )

ACigarette vending machine   
BCup coffee vending machines   
Cfoodvending machines   
Dgoods vendingmachine   
Eticket vending machines   
※ Ticket Vending Machine
 We sell ticket vending machine which takes order itself instead of people at any situation.
 【Ticket Hub】 ※World wide version
Touch screen display
Correspondence Countries
Asia ○China ○Korea ○Thailand ○Singapore
North America ○USA ○Canada
Oceania ○Australia
 ※We can also arrange for the country not in a list. Please feel free to contact us.
・Touch screen 19-inch monitor
・Network It can connect with other Ticket Hub by LAN Network.
You can control unlimited amount of Ticket Hub together which is connected by network all at once.
・Kitchen Printer System If you purchase a kitchen printer (selling separately),
Ticket Hub send the order to a kitchen printer then print it out right away.
・Operation Easy to change the menu and price by display.
Indicate total sales, daily sales, money deposit and refund.
・Easy parts replacement If the machine has some problem, it can fix by parts replacement easily.
・Maximum 42 menus Maximum 42 menus are able to resister
・Automatically power supply A power supply switched ON/OFF automatically by setting time.
・Size H1550*W650*D350
 ☆Advantages of Ticket Hub☆
○It can reduce personnel expense.
○Prevent the transfer mistake of an order and employee stealing.
○Keep hands clean and sanitary anytime by not touching coins and bills directly.